Good Mourning (demos)


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funky demos that will soon will become funky full songs


released November 16, 2015



all rights reserved


ORCHIDS Solana Beach, California

nothing worth mentioning music about me and not me

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Track Name: Buddy Willard
I crossed the river yesterday
Make a bed for me under your bed and I promise I'll try to stay
trying to love every cent of you
but its hard my dear
when you're picking off my skin
You bury flowers in the backyard
they mean more to me
than you ever did before
losing hope in your
my insecurities
my fidelity
but no way the sky told me
he said keep open heart and a loose hand
don't let your spirits die and try to drive them to the ground
cause one day that person that you loved will leave you
and not even want to say goodbye
the only thing that you can do
oh my god im so sorry
pick up those flowers they left for you
plant them in your neck so every time you're breathing you're breathing them again
and you'll never need them in your eye sockets again
i crossed the river yesterday
make a bed for me under your bed and i promise i'll try to leave you
cause its hard oh my dear its so hard
to love every cent of you when you don't love me and neither do it
Track Name: Untitled Track
Confessions of a girl who cries too much
isn't that
its not your problem its my problem
its nothing you need to worry about
i'll sit here and wonder why they hate my goddamn guts
theres nothing angsty about wishing you were dead
i wish i could bury myself instead
i said if its not worth it than whats the point
all this blurriness is making me not see
cause one more cup of water would drown me to sleep
and one more ounce of you and i can barely keep myself awake
I'm trying to get on the next train
its so hard when you can't speak
do you think that god will be there to meet me
does he even care or does he want to be some other girl
cause i would if i could
but i cant so I'm stuck here
I'm trying its hard to try when your'e barely living
i hate
Track Name: Part 2
Cause hes got an ugly mind
he took me to the beach and we went upstair
oh he told me about his dreams
my friend was there too
i lost her for a while there
she was standing in the middle of the street
sometimes i wonder if a car came would she be dead
she tried to sneak into the bar
it was only 4:30 in the morning
but she wanted something else to drink
to get the beer bottle opener
so he had to use his teeth
dont think i wasnt thinking
cause i promise i was drinking
cause it doesnt matter anymore
smoke on the park bench and kissed on the cliffs edge
but it doesnt matter anymore
he will never talk to me again
and every time i see him ill be in my dads car
hopin he doesnt think im lonely
but everybody cares
and everybody thinks
that im fucked up
that i cant think
but i heard he was lonely too
and maybe ill invite him over sometime
and we can make love in my bedroom
but it doesnt matter no it doesnt matter
next week i met someone else
he invited me over to his house
but i said no because i think i dont love him
one night i was too high to even talk
or behave normally
so orderly